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Please email the faculty directly to set up an appointment.  Office hours vary by quarter.

Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Director
Bldg. 460, Rm. 420

Elizabeth Kessler, Program Coordinator
Bldg. 460, Rm. 219A

Judith Richardson, Program Coordinator
Bldg. 60, Rm. 323


  • If you are contemplating the American Studies major, but have questions that might best be answered by a student already in the major...
  • If you are an AmStud major and wondering how other students feel about their chosen courses, thematic concentrations or career paths/employment prospects...
  • If you have a question about your advisor or simply want to share with another student...

American Studies offers a program that appoints several student representatives each year who are also peer advisers - AmStud majors who are eager to share their experience and knowledge with you.  Please feel free to contact them with your questions or suggestions for student activities. 

Peer Advisors 2019-2020

Caleb Martin

Hello! My name is Caleb Martin, and I am a senior from Lincoln, Nebraska concentrating in Inequality and Policy in America. I love American Studies because it has given me the chance to balance my interest in politics and the law with my love of the humanities. Some of my favorite AmStud classes have been “Introduction to American Law,” “Racial Identity in the American Imagination,“ and “Colonial and Revolutionary America.” Outside of the major, I am a Resident Assistant on the Row, work at the Haas Center, and volunteer at the Superior Court of San Mateo through AmeriCorps.  If you have any questions about AmStud, classes, or anything else, feel free to reach me at!

Reagan Dunham

Hello! I’m Reagan Dunham and I’m a senior from Farmington Hills, Michigan and Ocean City, Maryland. The name of my concentration is constantly changing, but I think I’ve settled on calling it Health Justice in the American Democracy. I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career as a healer of some kind, and am now committed to attending medical school and working in primary care. I found AmStud one day during the summer after my freshman year - I scrolled through all of Explore Courses, made a list of all of the classes that seemed interesting to me, and chose the major that would allow me to take as many of them as possible! Through this major, I have taken coursework in medical anthropology, the history of sexual violence, translation studies, and contemporary literature. I have also spent full quarters in Santiago, Madrid, and (soon!) Oxford, and traveled to the US-Mexico border to assist attorneys with asylum cases. Outside of class, I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and work at the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center. Come hang with me in the Law School Terrace if you want to read Toni Morrison, listen to The Internet, or just chat! You can reach me at

Valo Janigian

Hello! My name is Valo Janigian, and I am a junior from Fresno, CA.  Long before declaring American Studies, I lived in a world where I didn’t even know that such a wonderful thing could exist.  I was torn between majoring English and History, but quickly realized that in choosing one, and not the other, I’d be missing out on taking classes in a discipline that I loved.  It was only until I came across American Studies classes that I realized I could choose a major where I could do both.  In the past year, the Amstud department has not only offered me amazing classes, but has offered me an academic home.  From the warm faculty to the social events, I’ve realized that I have discovered a hidden gem here at Stanford. You can contact me at