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Summer, Arts, Global and Government Internships

AMSTUD Research Internships at Stanford

The Program in American Studies, with generous sponsorship from VPUE, offers paid internships, typically during summer quarters, in which students work with various American Studies faculty on their research.   A full-time internship runs for 10 weeks, during which the student works 25-30 hours per week on research projects being pursued by the faculty member and an additional 5-10 hours per week pursuing personal research and education goals and opportunities, such as taking classes or engaging in research for an honors project.  Faculty mentors are expected to meet frequently with their research assistants and guide them in the research they will undertake.  An email soliciting applications will go out early in winter quarter.

Note:  For 2022-23, the VPUE-sponsored American Studies internships may be offered in other quarters, and may include part-time as well as full-time opportunities in spring and summer.   Full-time 10-week internships offer a base stipend of $5000, which may be increased by up to $2500 for living expenses if the internship requires student be in a particular location (including campus), and an additional $1500 based on financial aid status.  Part-time internships come with $1500  stipend per 10-week quarter.  To be eligible for a full-time research internship in 2020-21, students must be on a flex term and must have been fully enrolled in two previous quarters.  To participate in a part-time internship students cannot be on a leave of absence.

Please contact An Nguyen (antnguyn [at] (antnguyn[at]stanford[dot]edu)) for the most up-to-date information.

Interested in the Arts?  Check out the resources below!

Stanford in Government Fellowships

SIG offers dozens of fully-funded public service internships every summer in a range of organizations around the world. Undergraduates from all majors and years are encouraged to apply, as the fellowship placements include public service opportunities through a variety of disciplines.  For more information, see the SIG website.

Stanford Global Studies Summer Internships

Stanford Global Studies internships are open to students from all majors.  Please see the SGS website for more information.

Public Service Internships and Fellowships

A number of public service internships and fellowships are available through the Haas Center.


Grants & Funding

Funding Opportunities from American Studies and others

Funding from American Studies 

As a small program, American Studies has limited funds to offer students.  These are primarily earmarked for AMSTUD majors completing an honor thesis with the program. To apply for funding to support an honors project, please send an email to An Nguyen (antnguyn [at] (antnguyn[at]stanford[dot]edu)) detailing your needs, the costs, and the purpose.

Other Sources of Funding on Campus

BEAM, Stanford Career Education


BEAM site