Charles Kronengold in Conversation with Eric Porter on Living Genres in Late Modernity, American Music of the Long 1970s

Mon May 16, 2022
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American Studies Program
Terrace Room 450 Jane Stanford Way Bldg 460 426

What can a deep dive into American musics of the 1970s teach us? How did genres like soul, disco, and the concerto fit this time and place? What did these genres do for the people who participated in them? Charles Kronengold’s new book curates an archive of journalism, interviews, and thousands of recordings and musical scores. It reads the 1970s as a special cultural moment: coming too late for “the sixties,” haunted by doubt and loss, but often embracing narratives of endurance, progress, possibility, or abundance. 


This book talk puts Professor Kronengold in conversation with Professor Eric Porter, a distinguished scholar of American studies, Black studies, music studies, and urban studies at UC Santa Cruz. 


It will also be an occasion to hear some of the music discussed in the book, and to talk about how small musical details can connect with big ideas. 


You are invited to attend this lunchtime conversation on Monday, May 16, at 12:30pm in the Terrace Room in Margaret Jacks Hall (Building 460). 


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