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American Studies Honors Program

American Studies provides opportunity for majors with demonstrated interest and ability in American Studies to seek honors by writing a senior thesis for 10 to 15 units of credit.

  • A grade point average of 3.5 or higher in the major is required to apply to the honors program in American Studies

  • Students applying for honors must secure a thesis adviser, a Stanford faculty member who is willing and available to direct the thesis project through the ensuing year. Having a confirmed thesis adviser is required for final approval to pursue an honors project. Students will also need to secure a second reader for the honors thesis no later than the start of Winter quarter of senior year.
  • Along with an application form signed by the thesis adviser, a 3-5 page proposal describing the project is due to the Program Office by June 1st of the junior year.

  • The program may approve the application and proposal, or request that the student resubmit with revisions.

  • Students pursuing honors must enroll in AMSTUD 199A, B, and C: Honors Workshop during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters of their senior year, respectively. They must also enroll in AMSTUD 250 Senior Research with their thesis advisor during the senior year. The total units between AMSTUD 199A, B, & C and AMSTUD 250 should equal 10-15. These units are in addition to the 60 units required for the major and must be taken for a letter grade.

  • The standard length for an undergraduate honors thesis in American Studies is 50-80 double-spaced pages. In some cases, however, the thesis may be shorter or longer as determined by the specifics of the particular topic or project, in consultation with the student’s thesis adviser.

  • The finished essay is due in mid-May (typically May 15th) of senior year.

  • The final grade for the essay is assigned based on the evaluations of both the primary thesis adviser and the second reader.

  • Upon satisfactory completion of the project, the student will graduate with a B.A.H., that is, a B.A. in American Studies with Honors.

Download the Honors Handbook

Download the Honors Proposal Cover Sheet