The 2017 Journal of Transnational American Studies: New Fall Issue

We are excited to announce the publication of the Fall 2107 issue of the Journal of Transnational American Studies (JTAS). The larges issue yet, it features over 30 contributions from scholars around the world in African American Studies, American Studies, Comparative Literature, English, Ethnic Studies, French, Gender Studies, History, and Religious Studies. Enjoy!

[JTAS is a peer-reviewed, open access, online journal on the University of California’s escholarship platform that is sponsored by Stanford’s American Studies Program and UC Santa Barbara’s American Cultures and Global Contexts Center]

Please share this Table of Contents with your colleagues and students. (Also Attached with abstracts)

Editor-in-Chief’s Note  | Nina Morgan

Editor’s Note | Sabine Kim and Greg Robinson 

“Introduction: Transnational American Studies in the ‘Age of Trump’”


The Curious Case of Sick Keesar: Tracing the Roots of South Asian America in the Early Republic

Rajender Kaur

Beyond the Black Atlantic: Pacific Rebellions and the Gothic in Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno”

Colleen Tripp

“Suppose for a moment, that Keanu had reasoned thus”: Contagious Debts and Prisoner–Patient Consent in Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i

Christopher Perreira

Governable Travelers: International Comparison in American Tramp Ethnography

Bryan Yazell

Red Turbans in the Trinity Alps: Violence, Popular Religion, and Diasporic Memory in Nineteenth-Century Chinese America

Robert G. Lee

Fictions and Frictions of the “Panama Roughneck”: Literary Depictions of White, US Labor in the Canal Zone

Sunny Yang

“Strengthen the bonds”: The United States on Display in 1938 France

Caroline M. Riley

Dangerous Playgrounds: Hemispheric Imaginaries and Domestic Insecurity in Contemporary US Tourism Narratives

Daniel Lanza Rivers

Interzone’s a Riot: William S. Burroughs and Writing the Moroccan Revolution

Stacey Andrew Suver


SF Introduction | François Dupuigrenet Desroussilles, Darrin M. McMahon, Martin Munro

“A Staged Encounter: French Meeting Timucua in Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues”

Frank Lestringant

“Rereading the ‘Écriteau’: Protestant Myths, Native Alliances, and the Histories of French Florida”

John H. Pollack

“‘People of Bad Disposition’: The Failed French Colony at Fort Caroline as a Site of Local Conflict within a Trans-

Imperial System”

Daniel Vitkus

“Franco/Spanish Entanglements in Florida and the Circum-Atlantic”

Jane Landers

“Becoming Spanish in Florida: Georges Biassou and His ‘Family’ in St. Augustine”

Erica Johnson

“Science / Fiction / Politics: Jules Verne’s Floridas”

Jean-Philippe Mathy

“A Tour de Force: Sarah Bernhardt and Her 1906 Florida Tour”

Lela F. Kerley

“Quebec French in Florida: North American Francophone Language Practices on the Road”

Hélène Blondeau

“Images of Florida in the Haitian Novel of Exile”

Joubert Satyre



Forward Editor’s Note | Greg Robinson

“Introduction,” Environmental Justice in Contemporary US Narratives, Rutgers UP, 2017

Yanoula Athanassakis

“Before Nation, Beyond Nation: The Place of ‘Early’ in Transnational American Studies,” in Alfred Hornung, ed. Obama

and Transnational American Studies (Universitätsverlag Winter, 2016)

Kristina Bross and Laura M. Stevens

“Introduction,” In Wai Chee Dimock Et Al, Eds. American Literature in the World (Columbia University Press, 2017)

Wai Chee Dimock

“Introduction,” The Limits of Westernization: A Cultural History of America in Turkey (Columbia University Press, 2017)

Perin Gürel

“A History That ‘Dares Not Speak Its Name’? Atlantic History, Global History and The Modern Atlantic Space” (from Italian version)

Marco Mariano

“Black and Green Atlantic Crossings In The Famine Era,” Famine Irish and the American Racial State (Routledge, 2017)

Peter O’Neill

Migrating the Black Body. The African Diaspora and Visual Culture (Seattle, University of Washington Press, 2017)

Leigh Raiford and Heike Raphael-Hernandez, eds.

Excerpt Race and the Totalitarian Century: Geopolitics in the Black Literary Imagination (Harvard University Press, 2017)

Vaughn Rasberry

“Introduction,” Southwest Asia: The Transpacific Geographies of Chicana/o Literature

(Rutgers U. Press/Latinidad series)

Jayson Gonzales Sae-Saue

“The Violence and the Music, April-December 1899,” excerpt from Strange Fruit of the Black Pacific (New York University Press, 2017)

Vince Schleitwiler

 “Introduction,” African American Travel Narratives from Abroad: Mobility and Cutural Work in the Age of Jim Crow, (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015)

Gary Totten

Excerpt from Haunted by Hitler: Liberals, the Left, and the Fight against Fascism in the United States (University of Massachusetts Press, 2014)

Christopher Vials


Reprise Editor’s Note | Nina Morgan

“Donna Summer’s Sound of Munich and David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy,” excerpt from German Music in the Seventies (University of Michigan Press, 2016)

Ulrich Adelt

Interview with Paul Bowles in Tangier (Moroccan Cultural Studies Journal, 1999)

Karim Bejjit

Excerpt from Global Families: A History of Asian International Adoption in America (NYU Press, 2013)

Catharine Ceniza Choy


with kind regards,

The JTAS Editorial Team