American Studies Winter Film Series

Living for the City
American Urban Life
Sundays at 6PM in 200-002
Organized by Carlos Valladares, American Studies '18
The American Studies film series is meant as a supplement to existing American Studies classes. Film ascreenings are open to the Stanford community only.
Jan 14 — Playtime (1967)
Jacques tati's widescreen comic masterpiece about humans lost in the modern city.
Jan 22 — Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)
The musical misadventures of Judy Garland and her three sisters in the year leading up to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
Jan 29 — The Clock (1945)
A woman (Garland) and a soldier embark on a whirlwind love affair in the Big Apple.
Faculty discussant: Scott Bukatman, American Studies
Feb 5 —  A Woman Under the Influence
The emotional epic of a Los Angeles housewife, as her family tries to have her institutionalized for mental problems. 
Feb 19 — The Apartment (1960)
Billy Wilder's classic New York comedy, about a pushover company man (Jack Lemmon) who lends his apartment to his colleagues for their affairs.
Feb 26 — Imitation of Life (1959)
Douglas sirk's tearjerking melodrama, about a struggling young white actress and her black maid and girlfriend, whose light-skinned daughter rejects her mother by passing for white.
Mar 5 — Bush Mama (1978)
Set in the inner city of Los Angeles, the story of a Black mother whose welfare is in danger of being revoked by the state if she does not get an abortion. 
Faculty discussant: Usha Iyer, Film & Media Studies
The Exiles (1961)
This hybrid fiction-film and documentary centers on the lives of a group of Native Americans living in 1961 Los Angeles.
Faculty discussant: Usha Iyer, Film & Media Studies