Grace Scullion

I’m a super senior, so I like to think that I know my way around this place. My concentration is the American Experience and Public Policy, and I’ve taken quite a range of AmStud classes. I just got back from Stanford in Washington, where I worked in journalism, loitered in the hallways of Congress, and wore business clothes every day. 


As much as I loved D.C., it’s great to be back on campus doing the things I like best: running into friends, wasting away in CoHo, dancing at Roble Arts Gym (and in my room), being near trees, and talking about The American Experience in Main Quad. 

I’m at your service if you ever want to grab coffee to talk about the major, minor, classes, fitting in Stanford in Washington or other abroad experiences, or whatever queries are plaguing your mind! Hit me up at gscull [at]