Natalie Sada

Graduation Year

I'm originally from a small town on the central coast of California called San Luis Obispo, and chose to major in American Studies because it allowed me to combine my interests in art history, literature and politics. I've always been interested in American history, and wanted to explore how the complexities and contradictions of American society affect the people, art and culture within it. Taking classes in different departments has allowed me to form and refine an individualized concentration that focuses on intersectionality and American art. Outside of school, I am passionate about baking – I've always loved to bake for every occasion, and recently have been dabbling in cake decorating! A fun fact about me is that I am a museum guide at the Cantor Arts Center, and the McMurtry building (and Cantor!) are some of my favorite places on campus.

Research Interests

Field of Interest
Race, Gender and Sexuality in American Art