Peer Advisors

Grace Scullion

I’m a super senior, so I like to think that I know my way around this place. My concentration is the American Experience and Public Policy, and I’ve taken quite a range of AmStud classes. I just got back from Stanford in Washington, where I worked in journalism, loitered in the hallways of Congress, and wore business clothes every day.  I’m at your service if you ever want to grab coffee to talk about the major, minor, classes, fitting in Stanford in Washington or other abroad experiences, or whatever queries are plaguing your mind! Hit me up at gscull [at]

Willow Herz

Hi, I’m Willow! I am a sophomore from a teeny tiny town in upstate New York (essentially Canada). I fell in love with the AmStud program for its flexibility, interdisciplinary options, close community, and ability to have true agency over my own learning. With a concentration in Jewish Life, Legacy, and Culture, I can combine my personal identity and history with greater themes of what it means to American. I’m ecstatic to help with any questions about or interest in Stanford’s coolest major — just contact me at wherz [at]!

Camryn Pak

Hi! My name is Camryn, and I am a senior from Orange County, California. I declared a major in AmStud during my frosh year after realizing that most of the classes I was interested in were cross-listed with the program. My thematic concentration is Inequality, Media, and the Law, which allows me to combine three topics I’m passionate about. Through AmStud, I met lots of new people—students and faculty alike—and got to take a variety of classes across many different departments. I also love how the major is small enough for everyone to get to know each other; I would take seminar classes over huge lectures any day! If you’re interested in AmStud, you can reach me at camrynpak [at] I’m happy to chat…