Peer Advisors

Lucy Brewer

Hello! My name is Lucy Brewer and I am a senior from Atlanta, Georgia. I was first drawn to the American Studies program because it offered me the unique opportunity to combine my interdisciplinary interests in art, literature, and history. My concentration in 20th Century American Photography and Visual Culture has allowed me to take a wide range of AmStud and Art History classes, including “Fashion and Photography” and “Abstract Expressionism: Painting/Modern/America.” Outside of the classroom, AmStud has unexpectedly become one of my favorite communities on campus. I love talking about AmStud—perhaps a little too much—and I’m always here to chat about classes, American art history, photography, or anything else. You can contact me at

Lizzie Dowdle

Hello! My name is Lizzie Dowdle, a junior from Seattle, Washington concentrating in Law and Political Inequality. I declared American Studies after taking a class on Civil War history; I love that the program offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the historical and contemporary themes of the United States, whether through politics, literature, science, technology, or whatever a student is most passionate about. I appreciate the program flexibility—you can take classes you’re interested in and not realize you’re fulfilling requirements in the process! Outside of AmStud, I spend my time with the Ram’s Head Theatrical Society, Tri Delta, the Haas Center, and Flying Treehouse, an on-campus creative writing organization. If you have any questions (or you just want to chat), hit me up at!

Camryn Pak

Hi! My name is Camryn, and I am a junior from Orange County, California. I declared a major in AmStud during my frosh year after realizing that most of the classes I was interested in were cross-listed with the program. My thematic concentration is Inequality, Media, and the Law, which allows me to combine three topics I’m passionate about. Through AmStud, I met lots of new people—students and faculty alike—and got to take a variety of classes across many different departments. I also love how the major is small enough for everyone to get to know each other; I would take seminar classes over huge lectures any day! If you’re interested in AmStud, you can reach me at I’m happy to chat…

Natalie Sada

Bio: Hello! My name is Natalie Sada and I'm a senior from San Luis Obispo, California. I love being an American Studies major because it has allowed me to explore so many programs and classes that I find fascinating, and combine them into a unique concentration that is at the intersection of many of the things I care about. Within American Studies, my concentration is in Race, Gender and Sexuality in American Art (and I'm also minoring in data science!). Feel free to reach out to me at if you'd ever like to chat! Some of my favorite classes of my concentration have been Migration and Diaspora in American Art, Asian-American Art, and Work, Family, and Citizenship in Modern American Women's History. AmStud has…