Peer Advisors

Camryn Pak

Hi! My name is Camryn, and I am a senior from Orange County, California. I declared a major in AmStud during my frosh year after realizing that most of the classes I was interested in were cross-listed with the program. My thematic concentration is Inequality, Media, and the Law, which allows me to combine three topics I’m passionate about. Through AmStud, I met lots of new people—students and faculty alike—and got to take a variety of classes across many different departments. I also love how the major is small enough for everyone to get to know each other; I would take seminar classes over huge lectures any day! If you’re interested in AmStud, you can reach me at camrynpak [at] I’m happy to chat…

Willow Herz

Hi, I’m Willow! I am a sophomore from a teeny tiny town in upstate New York (essentially Canada). I fell in love with the AmStud program for its flexibility, interdisciplinary options, close community, and ability to have true agency over my own learning. With a concentration in Jewish Life, Legacy, and Culture, I can combine my personal identity and history with greater themes of what it means to American. I’m ecstatic to help with any questions about or interest in Stanford’s coolest major — just contact me at wherz [at]!