Peer Advisors

AMSTUD major Chase Klavon standing against Stanford column

Chase Klavon

Hi, I’m Chase! I am a junior from Metuchen, New Jersey and most recently, NYC. I became interested in the American Studies program due to the freedom and flexibility that it allows. As an AmStud secondary major, I am able to double count courses towards my English degree while still taking art, history, and other interdisciplinary courses that allow me to explore all of my passions. With my concentration being The Artist in American Society, I am able to study a wide variety of subjects while still gaining a greater understanding of American culture and arts. I’m so excited to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the program. Just shoot me an email @ cklavon [at] (cklavon[at]stanford[dot]edu)

Jas Wheeler

Hi, I'm Jas! I'm a junior from Roswell, Georgia (just outside of Atlanta) and Cleveland, Ohio. As someone deeply in love with American history, literature, and culture, I had come into college dreading having to pick just one of those disciplines. So I was thrilled to learn about American Studies, which offered me the flexibility to mix all three passions into one! My concentration is in Race and Representation in American Popular Culture, which lets me consider how cultural memory is translated into historical media. I'm thrilled to get to share all that the American Studies program has to offer! Feel free to contact me at jw20 [at] (jw20[at]stanford[dot]edu) with any questions.