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American Studies Students

Catie Brown

I like that American Studies offers flexibility with a strong basis in history and literature.

Robin Fierberg

San Francisco
Filmmaking and acting

I like American Studies because it gives me the freedom to pursue a wide variety of academic interests, all through the lens of American culture and history.

Katie Langelier

San Francisco, CA
American media, art, and visual and pop culture
With American Studies, I am able to explore many topics within the arts and humanities that intrigue and excite me.  As someone who enjoys interdisciplinary courses in particular, the major allows me to study different aspects of American society and understand how they connect and relate to everyday life.

Caleb Martin

Lincoln, Nebraska
art history, literature, gender and sexuality, race

American Studies allows me to personalize my study of art, literature, and activism, while also getting a breadth of knowledge about American culture and history.

Jack West

Saraland, AL
American Law and Politics

American Studies allows me to study in a more diverse way about the country I live in, specifically including its history and laws.