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American Studies is an Interdisciplinary Program at Stanford blending courses in history, literature, social sciences and the arts, in which students learn to analyze and interpret America's past and present, forging fresh and creative syntheses along the way.

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This talk takes mobility as its central theme and calls for a reconsideration of the automobile and its iconic role in American culture. How might the social and cultural meanings of travel and the car change once removed from their mythic place in Americana and placed in the context of African American life? The car and the ability to travel are emblematic of freedom and autonomy. What might they mean to people who have experienced countless forms of unfreedom and whose movements have been...

Aaron Roland Endowed Lecture

Since 1967, more than 60,000 Jewish-Americans have settled in the territories captured by the State of Israel during the Six Day War. Comprising 15 percent of the settler population today, these immigrants have established major communities, transformed domestic politics and international relations, and committed shocking acts of terrorism. They demand attention in both Israel and the United States, but little is known about who they are...


KATE FAGAN Author of What Made Maddy Run: The Secret Struggles and Tragic Death of an All-American Teen

Kate Fagan has been a columnist, feature writer, panelist for espnW,, ESPN The Magazine and ESPN. She also spent three seasons covering the 76ers for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

SPONSORED BY Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Office for Religious Life; Department of Athletics, Physical...

Informal Lunch will be Served Open to the Public

THE ROAD TO INEQUALITY  shows how policies that shape geographic space change our politics, focusing on the effects of the largest public works project in American history: the federal highway system. For decades, federally subsidized highways have selectively facilitated migration into fast-growing suburbs, producing an increasingly non-urban Republican electorate....

Nancy Hogshead-Makar is an Olympic champion, a civil rights lawyer, a public speaker, and activist.She leads Champion Women, a non-profit that provides legal advocacy for girls and women in sports.Champion Women's focus areas include equal play; traditional Title IX compliance in athletic departments,sexual harassment, abuse and assault in sport, employment, pregnancy and LGBT discrimination.

The Gender & Sports: Beyond Equality Speaker Series is a series examining gender access,...

Gender & Sports: Beyond Equality

A series examining gender access, equity, inclusion, and leadership in college and professional sports. 

First in the series:Julie Foudy & Marlene Bjornsrud in Conversation:“Women in Sports After 46 Years of Title IX: Rev Up!"

Julie Foudy: Stanford Alum. Former Captain US Women’s Soccer Team, 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, and 2x World Cup Champion....