American Studies 2nd Art & Social Criticism Lecture Series

Stanford’s American Studies Program presents the 2nd Art and Social Criticism Lecture Series

How does the visual culture of political and community activism raise awareness, spark social change, and rouse protest? This series focuses on what artists and other “makers” contribute through symbolic and expressive works—wall painting, banners, protest signs, ephemera, manifestos and performative actions—to ensure robust, public dialogue on urgent topics.


The Terrace Room

Margaret Jacks Hall

5:15 pm

Stanford University

Open to the Public without Charge


Tues. Oct. 10

T.J. Demos

Contemporary Art, Global Politics and Ecology

Tues. Oct. 24

Cary Cordova

The Social, Cultural and Political Work of Latino Art in San Francisco

Tues. Nov. 28

Betti-Sue Hertz

Feminism, Art and Protest

Co-sponsored by the Stanford Arts Institute; Department of Art and Art History; the Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies