Make America Think Again: Spring Quarter AMSTUD Courses

How did we get HERE?

How do we move FORWARD?

What does it mean to be an American NOW?

Probe these and other urgent questions in American Studies courses this Spring:

AMSTUD 160: Perspectives on American Identity

AMSTUD 95: Consumer Culture

AMSTUD 120: Digital Media in Society

AMSTUD 134: Museum Cultures: Material Representation in the Past and Present

AMSTUD 135: Deliberative Democracy and its Critics

AMSTUD 150C: The United States in the Twentieth Century

AMSTUD 157X: Language as Political Tool: Feminist and LGBTQ Movements and Impacts

AMSTUD 197: Dance in Prison: The Arts, Juvenile Justice, and Rehabilitation in America

AMSTUD 231X: Knowing God: Learning Religion in Popular Culture

AMSTUD 255D: Racial Identity in the American Imagination